Every customer would like to receive more than he expects, the detail is that, normally, he doesn’t tell you and here between us, he doesn’t even need to. You, as a customer of someone or a company, create expectations, but when they are exceeded, what is your reaction? Of enchantment, right?. Therefore, it is always good to think of ways to add value to the customer.

In What Ways Can I Help My Customer?

But how to add value to my customer? This subject needs to be started within your reality. In other words, think about what you already offer your client today and what you still don’t offer, but you feel you could do it to contribute more to your client’s life.

It is from this logic of reasoning that we think about increasing our service and making the customer’s life much lighter and the admiration he has for you even greater.

Here are some suggestions that you can adhere to in your professional routine that will not increase your workload significantly and can bring much more quality to your customer relationship.

1 – Disseminate Relevant Content

If you are here, it is because you are in the habit of looking for learning, knowledge, and news for you, your company, and your customers. Why not make it a routine for them?

In other words, you can either create a broadcast list that will be sent via WhatsApp or corporate telegram (remember to ask your client’s authorization for this!), or you can gather from 03 to 05 relevant news or tips that you find and forward, once a week, in newsletter format, that email with content we usually receive.

2 – Share The Calendar Of The Month

Many people don’t have a lot of discipline to control their appointments and meetings, for example. Therefore, thinking about sharing a virtual calendar with your customer where you already mark the most important days, can facilitate communication, reduce delays and improve service.

There are key dates for any business, be it accounting, law, medicine or even planting crops. Put the marked dates and, besides, what is the “appointment” that your client has with you that day, for example, sending some documents, paying the tax, and so on.

How many damages can happen just for the lack of control of dates? So avoid them!

3 – Suggest Technological Innovations

Discover an interesting software? A technology that can help your customer? Why not tell him? It can be good management, stock control, training programs.

Often, customers do not follow what is new in the market, so it can be a way for you to generate a lot of value for your work, without even making an extra effort.

4 – Asking The Right Questions

When you’re talking to the customer, is your main habit of talking about what to do or asking how your routine has been?

If you are in the habit of asking questions that are useful for your service to be provided even better, you will likely be able to optimize your service and your customer will be even more satisfied.

5 – Search For New Partnerships

If you or your company has many customers, there are certainly many other businesses interested in getting to know you better. This opens the way for countless partnerships.

Discount clubs, memberships and so many other opportunities for you to offer your customer benefits for remaining linked to you.

Yes, as I said at the beginning, people expect some services from you, but if you offer more, surprise them, and generate more value, they will certainly see your work as something that goes far beyond just fulfilling your obligation. Therefore, thinking of ways to add value to the service, in addition to bringing market differentials, helps a lot, in the loyalty of your customers.